An Encounter with God

In Exodus 34, Moses travelled to Mount Sinai for the second time to seek the face of God for their journey ahead.
He met with the Lord and the presence of God was so powerful that it covered his face (Moses). It brightened his face so much that when he returned from the mountain the Israelites couldn’t bare to look straight at him.

Thats what happens when you have an encounter with the Lord. Your face may not brighten in literal sense but there will be a change; at least there should be. Your attitude change, your desires change, you stop pursuing earthly things, your mindset change, the way you dress, your speech, everything changes.
You simply cannot remain the same.

It’s an insult to God for us to be going around proclaiming we’re His children and be living like an unbeliever. We must stop the mindset of “it’s not about the outside it’s about the inside because the Lord knows my heart” It’s about both! Yes, He knows our hearts but He’s not impressed with a heart that desires sin.

The bible teaches us not to be like the world but to put off our former conduct. (Ephesians 4:17-24). I’m not saying the change happens overnight but it’s a daily process. We must be committed in renewing our minds DAILY. (Romans 12:2). I used to have that mindset; I’d lie, gossip, dress indecently and still attend church service on Sunday. I thought I was been smart by ‘having’ both worlds but I was deceiving myself. That life run me up empty and broken that I had no choice but to commit fully to God. Does that mean I’m perfect?! Ermmm No, far from it. But I get to live and depend on God’s grace and mercies daily.

Another example (Acts 9), Apostle Paul one of the greatest men from the bible. He used to persecute Christians. He had an encounter with the Lord, and His life was never the same. His name changed from Saul to Paul, engaged in spiritual battle for the faith and so much more.

So, spend uninterrupted time with the Lord daily and He’ll change you. Gradually, people around and far beyond will see the change. They’ll see the brighteness in your life like the Israelites saw on Moses.


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