Reading Exodus 7&8 I noticed one thing about Moses and Aaron and that was ‘Consistency’. They were consistent with the task God had given them. I thought to myself, “what if they had given up before the last plague when Pharaoh’s heart was harden?!”. What if they had drugged their feet due to laziness or had a ‘pity party’ because Pharaoh wouldn’t allow the Israelites to be released at their first attempt?! There would’ve been consequences, I believe.

Let me share a quick testimony to blend with my point. A few years ago while taking my driving lessons, I had high hopes of passing first attempt. I remember been so hopeful that I was super upset when I failed first attempt. I went for the 2nd attempt, failed that too. 3rd, 4th, 5th attempts, failed all. I passed on my 9th attempt; yep! You read that right, 9th attempt. I took my driving test 9 TIMES. My point is I didn’t give up even though each failed attempt brought tears to my eyes. If I had given up at any point, I’m pretty sure I would not be holding a driving licence right now. God’s grace and consistency kept me going and in the end I PASSED!

The minute you’re given a task by God, know that He’s already given you the grace but you must be intentional consistent with it.
You see, some of us are drugging our feet and others have given up because we feel we’re not getting the response or ‘feeling’ we want in doing the work of God. We want people to beg us. We have one leg in the things of God and another in the world. Let me tell you this, if there’s one thing I know God hates is, lukewarm. Revelation 3:16 says “So then because you’re neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”.

Again, I haven’t always been consistent. I used to approach the things of God with so much laziness. I used to think “Gosh! Not another task, I’m tired, I’m busy”. The Lord spoke to me several times to get right but I ignored and He sent a strong warning through a man of God and that shook me like never before.

Thing is, it shouldn’t take someone else for you to get serious with the work of God. We MUST be consistent. You can’t choose when you feel like obeying Him; His instructions are NOT subject to our feelings; we obey and be constant or not. Remember if You’re not for Him, you’re against Him (Matthew 12:30).



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