Knowing And Walking In Purpose…

Mark 1:38
“But He said to them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth”.

Knowing one’s purpose on earth is one of the most important aspects of life; It helps one prioritise. Christ knew His purpose therefore He did not engage in aimless missions. He was focused as He knew His ‘physical being’ on earth was limited to time.

Many are chasing after jobs and careers they were not created for. They work so hard, acquire money and other earthly materials yet feel empty; that is what happens when one walks outside the will of God for their life.

Walking in your purpose brings fulfillment. I remember the joy I felt when I discovered my purpose; I had been praying for that revelation for sometime. It is amazing to know I am not a mistake but created for a mission in the Kingdom of God. It certainly isn’t easy but SO WORTH IT.

EVERYONE has a purpose, discover yours if you haven’t already and stay focused. If you’re struggling with this, seek the face of God wholeheartedly in prayer and He will show you. He wants you to walk in the purpose He created for you more than you do. Life becomes much more meaningful knowing why you were born.

I’m praying for you.





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