Persistence Wins… (Use Prayer)

As human beings, we are bond to be found in need of one thing or the other. I believe this should urge us to solely rely on God our provider. In many cases, a lot become discouraged and disappointed at the slightest delay and ultimately give up; forgetting that there is a time and season for everything under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
There’s a reason the bible asks us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonian 5:17). One of the many reasons is so we’re not consumed by the worries and temptations of this world (Matthew 26:41, Luke 21:36).
When Hezekiah was told to prepare for death, he went before the Lord and emptied his heart, after which came his healing and extension of life (2 Kings 20:1-6). 
No matter what you’ve heard today, I urge you to go before the Lord in prayer and your life will never be the same.
I can’t help but think about others who persisted in prayer. Hannah was known to be barren yet she prayed fervently for a child and God gave her Samuel and five other children (1 Samuel 1:9-20, 1 Samuel 2:21).
In Luke 18, the widow had no one but the “unjust” judge to avenge against her adversaries. See, the judge was called unjust for a reason; meaning he was unfair, inequitable, bias and partial however even he, was moved by the persistence of the widow and granted the desires of her heart.
How much more our Heavenly Father….
When Peter was arrested and imprisoned, the church offered constant prayer to God for his release and he was set free in such a way no human could fathom (Acts 12:5-11).
Shall I mention, Nehemiah, Esther, Elijah, Job and the others who received their blessings and deliverance through prayer? You are no different than them. Keep your focus on Christ and He will answer. He is so faithful! Don’t lose heart and don’t stop praying.

James 5:16

”………. the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous avails much”.
I’m praying for you.